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Middie Blythe Melanie Unique

Middie Blythe Melanie Unique

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Melanie is constantly the center of everyone's attention and affection, but because of that, she's also really busy.
She's running around across town all the time, but if you talk to her she'll always hang out.
She'll take you to shows, shopping, or even just a peaceful walk.
That's because Melanie always loves to spend time with her friends.

Her black dress, the large ribbon on the top of her head, and unique glasses make a big impact!
The color coordination for her outfit is black, red, blue, and pink.
She takes a lot of cues from Margo, but the details are all her.
The black dress is adorned with ribbon and heart motifs at the top, with a M embroidered on the emblem, and her skirt is speckled with cute dots.
She also wears bordered high socks and strap shoes, holding nothing back when it comes to fashion.


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Gemini 35 3769 KN Soesterberg - The Netherlands